So these past few months have been a bit crazy. Since ‘All’s Fair Play’: 

- Nessa and I were asked to write a pilot - We’re still working on that. Hopefully that will be done before the middle of April. Then it’s edits, and who knows if it’ll ever be produced or sold in any capacity ever. 

- Nessa is writing her own pilot. We’d both really like to see something done with this someday cuz it’s great. But we’ll have to have to make tough choices about what we’re gonna do with it. 

- I’m writing a play. Which will definitely be made in some capacity. But I have to finish it first, and then decide what to do with it. 

- Nessa and I directed a short play together as part of the Brave New Play Rites Festival on Granville Island. Which is opened last night, and finishes on Sunday. :) 

- We’ve been working to bring you videos for both ‘The Autobiography of Jane Eyre’ and ‘All’s Fair Play’. We promise the puppet videos are still coming, and we’re so sorry they’ve taken this long. The videos were half-done a long time ago, but stuck on a desktop computer, locked behind malfunctioning Final Cut Software. It didn’t seem worth restarting, because sometimes Final Cut would work. By the time it was clear that we would have to start over the editing process, we were in the middle of filming ‘All’s Fair Play’ and immediately afterward everyone got insanely busy. Until now. So we’ve been working on getting on all the ‘All’s Fair Play’ behind the scenes videos and the puppet videos out to you ASAP. 

- We’re working on a new webseries! It’s still very pre-pre-production but we’re inching towards beginning pre-production this summer. knock-on-wood. fingers-crossed. We’re really excited about it. 

Eek so many things! So little time to hide under the bed! 

- Alysson and the KalamaTEAm



Some News!

With the official Kalama+Tea website finally going public, we're so happy to give everyone a little sneak peak into what's in store with All's Fair Play as well as providing a hub for everything we'll be doing in the future!

And with a major location and several characters fully wrapped we only have a handful more filming days left on the project and we're so excited to head into post.

Can't wait to be able to tell you more, - Nessa and the KalamaTEAm


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All's Fair Play update

The Three Witches.

The Three Witches.

We are in the middle of production and everything is going more or less smoothly. On Sunday we shot a oner and it was hilarious each take. Nessa has been a wizard, our actors fabulous troopers and our scheduler extraordinaire an absolute vision.

Recently we've uploaded quite a few behind the scenes photos that you can find in our gallery.

For more frequent updates check out out Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

All the best,

Kathryn (a.k.a CandleZ) and everyone else in the KalamaTEAm