The Autobiography of Jane Eyre was a modernized vlog-style adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel and Kalama+Tea Productions' first webseries.

The series was set in Vancouver, BC and followed Jane Eyre as a modern-day vlogger who leaves her life as a nursing student, to take up a live-in tutoring position for the precocious but sweet Adele Rochester. But living in the strange house means putting up with Mr. Rochester’s high-strung assistant Grace Poole, and later- the very strange Mr. Rochester himself. Wanting more from life, Jane puts her story online in hopes of finding happiness.

Starting with an idea over a cup of coffee Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref spawned the series in collaboration with over 30 members of cast, crew and a writing team.

As part of the transmedia storytelling aspect of the series, the story was told through weekly and biweekly Youtube videos, but also allowed audience members to interact with the characters and their world across over 15 social media platforms, including Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and even custom made websites for companies existing only in Jane's world.

Due to the support of our growing fan base the Indiegogo for the production was an rousing success raising $11,176, more than doubling what the creators had hoped to raise.

For more information visit the show's website