nessa aref

Nessa Headshot.jpg

Nessa is the executive producer and showrunner for Kalamatea Productions. 
She co-created, directed and wrote for The Autobography of Jane Eyre and is so excited to be doing it all again for All's Fair Play
Nessa majored in anthropology at the University of British Columbia where she focused her research on virtual communities and culture.  She founded Kalamatea Productions after graduation. Outside of Kalamatea she can be found working in television production in Vancouver, drinking too much coffee and daydreaming about sleep.
You can find her on Tumblr and Twitter

sinead hughes

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Sinead Hughes graduated from the University of Victoria with a BFA in theatre in 2012. She has previously worked on The Autobiography of Jane Eyre and is happy to now be working on All’s Fair Play. She has also previously worked the TV shows Untold Stories of the ER and Crimes of the West. She can’t wait to see what is next for her. 

kathryn hall

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Though unable to write for All's Fair Play due to schooling conflict she always tries to be on set during production as lighting, grip, intern, and anything else she can do to help. She is currently getting her bachelor's in writing at the University of Victoria and worked on the Storyhive application of Fear Or Favour
You can follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

marco perri

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After studying acting in Vancouver BC, Marco Perri went on to teach himself photography, video editing, and cinematography. Aiming to take his own film ideas from pre to post production, Marco continually pushes himself to understand the film making process. At the moment, he is working as a director of photography and co-editor on the Kalamatea production, All's Fair Play as well as submitting to the My RODE Reel 2015 film competition.
Marco is currently seeking acting representation in addition to working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.

ren boggio

When Ren is not teaching robots to love, she is instructing dinosaurs in the art of polite dinner conversation. When she is not doing that, Ren keeps busy as a costumer for film, television, and theatre and watches puppy videos on YouTube while crocheting lace.